Uncover the Top 5 Best Cars for your Trip

Going on a family trip calls for proper planning and budget. You have to give considerations to your spouse, your children, luggage and even pets when you are preparing to go on a road trip.

At rental24h we have a wide range of family cars that you can rent out for your vacation or weekend trips. To make the trip fun and memorable, you need to select the appropriate car that gives you space, comfort, and control during the trip. This is why we present to you the top five best cars for your trip.


1. Subaru Outback Wagon


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When planning to go on a sports trip, the Subaru Outback will serve you just right. You can haul your bikes or kayaks on its rail roof firmly into place. It has a large room for a family of five, and it gives you a quick, quiet and comfortable ride during your trip. It is an allwheel drive that is easy to control and handle, and you will easily navigate any rough terrain without having any worries.

For assistance and safety, this car comes with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay smartphone integration and an Eyesight DriverAssist Technology. Itstech warns you when you drive on the wrong lane and even reduces your engine power and applies brakes if you are about to hit an object or another vehicle.


2. KIA Sorento


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The Sorento has a spacious and highquality interior with great informative and entertaining features that will make your family love it.

For a family of up to 7, the Sorento comes with backrow seats that are easily expandable for an allinclusive family adventure. It is very economical and its 2.4liter fourcylinder engine returns 27mpg on a highway and 17mpg on a busy city street.



3. Toyota Camry


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The Camry is traditionally loved by most families because of its flexibility and high fuel economy. It comes with a spacious interior that fits up to five individuals of all sizes. The cargo space is large enough and will easily store all your luggage when you go on a family trip.

With the 2018 Camry Hybrid lineup, you get the most energydense battery, with its tire and wheel package designed to run for longer miles and with less fuel. The LE trim level gives you the best mileage and you wont have to sacrifice any comfort.



4. Honda Odyssey

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For those parents who are highly concerned about the comfort and safety of their little children in the car, the 2018 model is a great take. it has sliding centerrow seats where you can easily load a child into. Its handling is great and it comes with a 280horsepower V6 engine that makes life much easier for the driver. The passenger capacity is topnotch and can comfortably fit in a family of eight.

Those in the front row seats are provided with the feature of observing everything that goes on in the rear and can help you to quickly notice if your child has drifted. The back row occupants can control their own temperature without affecting the ones in the front.


5. Honda CR V


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The Honda CRV keeps getting better with each edition. It is a compact SUV for families and offers an excellent luggage space for anything that you will need on a family trip. Itsfuel consumption is very economical. The interior of the Honda CRV has lots of feature including a wide deck lid storage in the rear.

This car comes with childfriendly seats to spaciously accommodate families with little children. The 2018 version of the CRV has other models that come with driver assistance features and electronic safety aids.

Family trips are a worthwhile investment that helps all of us to tighten our bond. We at rental24h are available 24/7, seven times a week and ready to give you the best family car for your next great trip. Talk to us today and we will help you prepare.

5 Best Road Trip Cars On A Budget

gathered together a rundown of 5 vehicles that you can use to rent a vehicle at sensible costs. When you are prepared to hit the open street, consider these best excursion vehicles to make your voyage progressively charming.

Subaru WRX STI Wagon


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The STI Wagon is an amazing allwheel drive sports wagon that offers outstanding onstreet execution independent of the surface kind. Despite the fact that the mileage (23mpg on parkway) won’t test a half and half vehicle, the turbocharged BOXER motor with 268hp gives an amazing execution. It is likewise extraordinary for outdoors and pulling stuff as there is 19 cubicfoot load space that stretches out to 44.4 cubicfoot with the back seats collapsed.

Another model is around $50,000 however you can score a decent adapted utilized one for under $25,000.


Small scale Clubman

Image result for Clubman mini cooper


The back rood trickster is a standout amongst other excursion vehicles at a reasonable cost. The most recent models cost around $36,000 yet the utilized units, particularly the ones dated back to 2008, will cost under $10,000. The vehicle’s lodge isn’t exceptionally extensive. Nonetheless, it’s sufficient for two individuals pressing rigging and gear for a considerable length of time.


19861992 VW Westfalia Syncro
Image result for VW Westfalia Syncro


The fourwheel drive Syncro was underway in the United States somewhere in the range of 1986 and 1991. The savage vehicles look like reduced vans and have a lot of room inside, for the two travelers and freight. Prepared like a smaller than usual RV and offering a lot of extensions for updates, the vehicle is ideal for a family intending to take off and travel for quite a long time. You can get an utilized vehicle for $20,000 to $30,000 however the very redesigned ones are costly.


Mazda MX5 Miata

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It’s a games vehicle and numerous individuals might not have any desire to drive it for long travels. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have to drive a 1,000 miles with an accomplice or alone, the MX5 Miata will give you the experience to recollect. Driving this vehicle is sheer fun as a result of its sharp directing and profoundly responsive brakes. The motor is groundbreaking and you can pick between a sixspeed programmed and manual transmission. The value begins at $26,000 and there are a few choices for updates and additional items.


Chrysler Pacifica

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It’s a standout amongst other excursions vehicles for families no doubt. The astute designing, great made inside, and high security appraisals have given it a higher position among familyaccommodating vehicles. The smooth quickening and responsive taking care of combined with great mileage are simply ideal for hitting streets for long voyages.

There’s a back seat stimulation framework highlighting DVD player and playing music and diversions from HDMIassociated gadgets. The expense of Pacifica Hybrid begins at around $40,000.

Summer is additionally crest excursion season. Taking a long stumble out and about is a standout amongst the most charming encounters on four wheels, accepting you have the correct vehicle and gathering of companions. We can’t assist much with the companions part, yet the rundown we just gathered is the best autos to convey you the nation over in style. We calculated in qualities, for example, mileage, solace, dependability, and helpful tech includes subsequently you can rent a vehicle effectively.

Phone Apps You Need For Your Trip

Traveling can be a very exciting thing especially for families, but planning the actual trip can be a very stressful process. From transportation arrangements, accommodation and even what you eat when you get to your destination may seem all too much. But dont be discouraged just yet, because with the right travel apps plans can become hasslefree.

Man Using Smartphone While Driving




As a family, when planning travel domestically or internationally, transportation type is key to getting you to your desired destination on time and at a reasonably low cost.
–  If you plan on getting to your destination via flight you may want to check out the Google Flights app. This app allows you to check on flights across any destination using your price range as a filter. Whether roundtrip, multidestination or oneway, the app has you covered.
–  If you plan on using a rental car at your destination or to get to your destination, then you may want to try car rental apps like rental24h.com. They are a worldwide car rental site and they compare prices of various car rental companies within a given area to bring the best price to you.


Accommodation and Restaurants

Accommodation and Dining out may be one of the hardest things to decide, especially when it involves multiple persons. A lot of destinations have various accommodation types and restaurant options and sometimes it may be hard to choose what is best for you and others. Here are some apps that can help you make your decision so far.

–  Airbnb is a unique accommodation app that operates in most if not all parts of the world. They allow you to rent houses so far, apartments and unconventional accommodations from persons who live in that particular country or area. This is especially great for families as you can stay at a place that suits your budget and caters to the size of your family. As a bonus, they may also help with restaurant reservations.

Related image

–  TripAdvisor is an online resource that helps you make informed travel decisions by providing you neutral reviews of hotels, restaurants and even places that you should visit when you arrive at your destination.

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So the next time you and your family are thinking of taking a vacation, dont get overwhelmed. Just get on your phone, tablet or PC and take full advantage of these travel Apps to help you plan the perfect trip.

Comfortable Cheap Luxury Cars for Traveling

Most of the time, not everyone can afford exotic and costly cars. And, when we are going on a trip with our
family, comfort is the main goal. So that, all the family members can go
comfortably on the trip. The only option suitable for Such a situation is to rent
an exotic vehicle. In that way, your family can go on the trip and enjoy the
comfort of a luxury vehicle. And you dont even need to buy a new vehicle. In
this article, I have compiled a list of affordable exotic cars, that you can rent at car rental company, use for your family trips as exotic cars as well as business trips.

Although, you can afford many

exotic luxurious vehicles for your family or business trips. In other words,
you have a lot of options while selecting a car for the trip. But, here I have
compiled a list of some famous but affordable cars that will definitely help
you out in making a good selection while selecting A comfortable ride for your
family. In this list, you will find big names such as Audi, BMW, new Jaguar, and
Mercedes Benz. You can make your selection based on your taste and Pocket. So,
I hope that you will make a good selection.

List of Some Comfortable and
Affordable Traveling Luxury Cars

Range Rover

The selection of the Traveling

Vehicle from the above list can be based on many factors. One of the main
factors is the size of your family, you can select the car based on how many
family members are going on the trip. And you can also watch your pocket while
renting a vehicle that looks exotic and luxury. So it all depends on your
financial and mental condition, that if you want more comfort or you want to
say some bucks.


And, after reading this article about cheap luxury carsI hope, that you are now feeling confident about selecting
the most affordable and luxurious solution for your traveling vehicle. Hope
that the list I have compiled in this article will definitely help you out. If
you have any doubt or any suggestion, please leave a comment below. And I will
try to help you out with your query. Thanks for your time and Faith. I will see
you in the next article.

Your Perfect Guide to an Environment-Friendly Trip

With the concept of green traveling getting popular, travelers are now looking forward to fulfilling their wanderlust along with working towards the betterment of the environment. When we travel, we are so indulged in the experience that at times we forget about the waste that we might be creating- from plastic bags and boxes to toiletries. Travelers, nowadays, have become cautious and a lot of them prefer to choose eco-friendly options including renting environment-friendly cars from services such as nu car rental las vegas instead of flying as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Here are a few ideas to make sure your travel is eco-friendly:

Take Road Trips

  • For all those travelers traveling with family, consider taking a road trip provided the destination is within driving distance. If you don’t own a good eco-friendly car, rent one that produces less carbon and consumes less fuel. Plenty of car rental services such as rental24h provide all types of eco-friendly cars to ensure the least damage to the environment. It’s environmentally friendly and definitely more fun!
  •  If you must fly, try not to take a connecting flight as landing and take-off have the maximum carbon emissions.
  •  However, it is always wise to use public transport whenever possible to make a huge contribution towards the betterment of the environment.

    Carry Minimum Luggage

    Certainly one of the most unusual tips, carrying light luggage could actually make a big impact. The lesser the weight on the vehicle, the lesser is the fuel consumption and carbon emission.

    Use Re-usable Containers and Bags

  • Instead of buying a water bottle every time you are thirsty, carry a reusable bottle that you can fill up from the water dispensers at the airports, bus and train stations, and hotels. This will not only be friendly to your environment but also to your pockets.
  • Using reusable containers for snacks and drinks can help you reduce the amount of waste that goes into the environment.

Also, carrying your own reusable bag while shopping is another way you can save some plastic waste!
Find an Eco-friendly Accommodation
Always go for a homestay or stay at a friend’s place if it’s an option. If you must take a hotel, choose a hotel that has effective recycling, energy-saving, and waste treatment programs.

Treat Your Hotel Room as Your Own

When you stay in a hotel room, you can avoid a lot of waste just by:

  • choosing short showering over the bathing
  • turning off the water when brushing or shaving
  •  turning off electronics when not in use
  •  washing your own clothes instead of giving them to the hotel laundry
  • drying your towels after every use so that you wouldn’t need a new one every time
  • disposing of all the sanitary waste properly

    The bottom line is:

    Be it walking or using public transport such as trains and buses or renting cars from eco-friendly rental services such rental24h to treating your hotel room as your home, you could keep our planet safe not just for yourself but also for the generations to come.
    Happy traveling!